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H.I. #98: The Dogfather

Grey and Brady discuss: earthquake zones, a Mr. Chompers update, the color of a tennis ball, ...dreams revisited, social media during disasters, [[Things people do while listening to the Hello Internet podcast corner |some of the activities people might engage in while listening to Hello Internet corner]]... and another new corner, and the Amazon HQ2. (Full article...)

H.I. #97: Tesla in Space

Grey and Brady discuss: reviews revisited, why Grey watches the airline safety videos anyway, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch, The Confession Tapes, and hotmail.com. (Full article...)

H.I. #96: The Humblehug

Grey & Brady discuss: Star Wars Lego and the Last Jedi reactions, airline safety videos revisited, rating our podcast on iTunes, social advice, Twitter advertises Twitter, rapid fire news, YouTube monetization changes and the eternal adpocalypse again, and Black Mirror Season 4: USS Callister. (Full article...)