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Brady gets a new computer, words that must not be spoken, hotstopper distribution, national days, YouTube as the arbiter of truth, flat earthers, pilot announcements on flights, and gun emojis. (Full article...)

"Hello Internet Episode One Hundred"

Grey and Brady discuss: tennis balls and necessary lies revisited, the first self-driving fatality and the future of (semi)autonomous cars, tattoos, bitmoji, the UK Nazi pug, and everyone's favorite social network: Facebook. (Full article...)

"H.I. #99: The Necessary Lies of Civilization"

Grey and Brady discuss: Brady feels Audrey is getting sidelined, maybe a crack opens for the dark arts, Brady buys a new phone, destroying the value of stocks with your opinions, vacationing in Antarctica, politicians blocking people on Twitter, social media impersonations and anti-verification, the safest year of flying?, and the death of Stephen Hawking. (Full article...)