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"H.I. #104: Fruitbooting"

Grey and Brady discuss: the cost of platinum, Twitter-less phones, chick flicks and airpods, comments on comments on The Internet, stealing from the self-checkout machines, YouTube subscriptions, and Solo. (Full article...)

"H.I. 103: Don't Read The Comments"

Grey and Brady discuss: Garth update, things forgotten, the color magenta, friends, and Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday: Peter Theil & Hulk Hogan vs Gawker. (Full article...)

"H.I. #102: Secret Cinema"

Grey and Brady discuss: the looming UK hotstopper ban, Grey has a coffee revelation, final thoughts on the non-existent political beliefs of dogs, charitable interpretations of people's words, Plane Crash Corner, Brady's bylines, Grey & Dragons & Death, and a visit to a secret cinema. (Full article...)